Livefyre Commenting system launches on FIN websites

Fisher Interactive Network is excited to announce the launch of Livefyre, a real-time conversation and commenting platform, on all its news and entertainment websites.

 Livefyre is a social engagement platform that turns news story comment sections into live conversations, increases the quality of those conversations and creates an entirely new social news experience.

 “We know our stories, photos and videos are sparking conversations across platforms and networks,” said Jenny Kuglin Fisher Interactive General Manager of Social Media and Content.  “Now you can find and engage with all those conversations in one place.”

 Designed for the social web, Livefyre replaces static comment sections with dynamic, real-time conversations that empower users and help build hyper-active communities.

“With Livefyre you’ll see immediate pageloads, quicker access to the most interesting discussions, searchable comments and the ability to have a real-time conversation,” said Anne Tiller Fisher Interactive Network Director of Design, Development and Human Factors.

Livefyre collects, shares and displays social conversations taking place live on Facebook, Twitter and in the traditional comments section.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Fisher Interactive Network and help form community and audience engagement across their sites.  ” said Jordan Kretchmer, founder and CEO of Livefyre. “With Livefyre,   audiences on Fisher sites will be able to easily to participate in conversations, tag friends to bring them into the conversations, and form a strong community around Fisher content.”

 Features of the new Livefyre social conversation and commenting system on Fisher Interactive sites include:

  • A tagging feature that allows users to share thoughts, react to on-going conversations and spark new debates with their social networking friends without leaving Fisher Interactive sites.
  • No more refreshing the page to see new comments thanks to real-time updates within the LiveFyre conversation stream.
  • Strategically searchable commenting and social interactions.
  • Intelligent spam filtering and moderation features that allow site managers to deliver the best experience to more users more often.

Livefyre made its debut on Portland based and has been rolled out across other Fisher sites including Seattle’s, Eugene’s, Boise’s and among many others.

About Fisher Interactive Network
Fisher Interactive Network, a division of Fisher Communications, Inc., produces Fisher’s award-winning news websites as well as over 120 hyperlocal neighborhood web sites in five markets, earning the company the 2009 Innovator of the Year award at the Borrell Local Online Advertising Conference. Additionally, Fisher Interactive has produced several websites dedicated to lifestyle and entertainment content, including  and

About Livefyre
Livefyre powers the world’s conversations. Designed for the social web, Livefyre turns publisher content into the center of the discussion by aggregating comments from around the web back to one place. By interacting with Livefyre, audiences discover new people and content to engage with on your site, on the Livefyre network, and across the web.

Livefyre was founded in 2009 and is based in San Francisco.


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